Vessel Development

With an impressive team of experience with 40 years in vessel maintenance, refurbishment, construction and components, we take pride in supporting the most sustainable, efficient, stable and environmentally friendly vessels on the market.

The innovative manufacturing and design of Dozer, Sidewinder and Super Dozer Vessels bring long lasting reliable solutions to the marine market. The propulsive suite developed by DROP can improve the overall efficiency of a vessel while reducing the operational costs and increasing the stability and consistency of a vessel. 


 Vessel Refurbishment

             Refit, Rebuild and Upgrade your old Vessel!


We know that when it comes to vessel refits; speed and turnaround are often the order of the day!

With an experience of over four decades aboard ferries and workboats alike, and backed up by a multidisciplinary team, our marine team has the best know-how, vision and cost solutions for refurbishing your vessel.

The DROP team consists of an assortment of highly skilled Marine personnel providing On and Off-site support services in Vessel Assessments, Hydraulics, Mechanical, Electrical, Fabrication and Controls. This assures our customers top quality workmanship.

We operate a strict and comprehensive quality system, ensuring the highest standard of customer service; from initial inquiry to the completion of work all supported with the backing of our State-of-the-Art 40,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. 


Component Development


Our multidisciplinary team takes innovation to the next level. There isn't yet any component that our visionary team is not able to dream, design & develop.


DROP is uniquely structured to include engineers and manufacturers on the same team; which translates into a multifaceted approach to each project with top quality outcomes, efficiency, cost savings, and fast deadlines.


The Propulsion Suite, developed and patented by DROP Marine, is an important breakthrough in the marine industry as it can improve the overall efficiency of a vessel of up to 50%, while considerably lowering the overall maintenance and operational costs. 



Component Refurbishment

For years, our teams have been successfully refurbishing a wide range of components such as: Traction Control Systems, Complete Engine Rooms, Pumps, Voith Propellers,  ZF Transmissions,  Generators, Right Angle Drives and so on...


Our team has the proficiency, the experience, and the creativity to turn any old and malfunctioning component into a cutting-edge piece of equipment. 


Talk to our team today for a comprehensive list of the available refurbishment services at DROP Marine.


 Component Installation

​Our skilled team will develop and efficiently manufacture and  install any components required.


What Clients Say

Engineering and manufacturing the impossible. DROP has a one stop shop for innovative design and manufacturing. Design without manufacturing foresight can leave your project with a product impossible to manufacture. DROP's team of manufacturing engineers can take the design to the furthest edge of efficiency while respecting the manufacturability to give you the best product every time.

Steven Hatt,

Marine Maintenance Superintendent, Interfor