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    DROP Facility

The DROP facility is 35,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing and design space located in the Interior of British Columbia and 30 minutes from the US border, at the crossroads of one of the major BC interior highways  6 & 3A. This supports our ability to provide all of our products on a fast and consistent basis throughout North America. 

Our manufacturing floor has some of the most advanced machining and fabrication equipment in North America with over 1.5 million lbs of raw materials to support the demand for finished products and 10+ CNC machines from Cutting and Forming through to welding, machining and finishing.  


The modern office and administrative building infrastructure are crafted here at DROP to include large timber, metal and creative structures that mirror the beauty of the surrounding abundant lifestyle opportunities as well as the team's creativity and passion in its industry.

Engineering & Design

The engineering department is the heart of DROP Marine. It's where it all comes together in collaboration with other engineering companies and customers.


Our engineering and design department is located beside the sales, administration and connected directly online to the manufacturing floor downstairs to facilitate efficient speed and communication. 


Our team of engineers have the expertise, talent, and vision to bring the most daring ideas and projects to life. The team works closely with clients to ensure they provide top outcomes in the shortest time.

    Manfacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is the most sophisticated facility in British Columbia,  Canada and one of the most advanced facilities in North America.  Our multidisciplinary team works hand in hand with all parties to ensure a successful project.


The production floor boasts top-end equipment with Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) water jets, plasma, oxyacetylene, forming, lathes, milling machines, welding, painting, presses and more. 


The Design-to-Manufacture flow is preserved at DROP as our design engineer's production files are shared in real time with the manufacturing floor CNC engineers. Changes are tracked, inventory allocation and timelines update automatically to ensure project scope is always maintained. This advanced system supports our manufacturing speed,  quality and professionalism.

   Administration & Sales

Our sales and administration offices are located on the upper floor of the facility. Staffed by years of expertise and the best customer service team, we will ensure your order is processed, manufactured, tracked, shipped, and has all the pre and post-sale support you need. 

We support direct sales and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) distribution channels and sales support. 


Our outstanding customer service staff will be there for you to support and guide you each step of the process.



        Team Care

At DROP we strongly believe and encourage a healthy work-life balance, and we can easily see the benefits of embracing such a lifestyle.


Strongly believing in the connection between a healthy mind-body, our facility features a very modern and top of the line equipment gym where our employees are encouraged to incorporate their healthy lifestyle when they have an opportunity to do so.


Also, DROP facility features spacious boardrooms, break facilities and staff common lunch areas.

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