DROP Marine division was created to meet the modern needs of the marine vessel industry as they transition to modern technologies. Our focus is to make them more consistent, cost-effective, safer, and more environmentally friendly.


Take a Mechanical Manufacturing Company with a fully integrated 35,000sq ft. facility that designs and manufactures products for the industrial sectors and team it up with a marine company who has over 40 years of field experience in the maritime industry. What you will get is a team with a deep understanding of marine applications and the drive to have the best quality in products, services, support and workmanship. We have a powerful collaborative team that can accomplish the most challenging and sophisticated tasks. This is us, DROP Marine.

Anders Malpass

The progressive founder and CEO of Drop Marine has a strong background in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering and business.


The beginning of the DROP Group of companies dates back to 2006 when Anders bought a division of a manufacturing company and later industrial power transmission component company. The construction of the present manufacturing and fabrication facility began in 2009, and today the 35,000 sq. ft., fully integrated manufacturing facility is home to Drop Marine & the Group. 


Anders' passion for products and manufacturing has started in his early years, working with Ford, General Motors, Timken, and others. This early experience guided his creativity and passion to continue developing new products through a systems approach. On his off days, you can find Anders developing ideas for automation, controls and mechanical product segments. His ideas always drive back to simplicity, standardization, automation, and sustainability. He is a person who can be found using on a daily basis the products he develops. His awesome and beautiful wife runs their life, which allows him to focus and to be the best in his field.




"Being a leader is to ensure the team can Lead Itself."   


Anders Malpass


Steven Hatt, Marine Maintenance Superintendent, Interfor 

Engineering and manufacturing the impossible. DROP has a one stop shop for innovative design and manufacturing. Design without manufacturing foresight can leave your project with a product impossible to manufacture. DROP's team of manufacturing engineers can take the design to the furthest edge of efficiency while respecting the manufacturability to give you the best product every time.