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Drop Marine Dozer Workboat

Drop Marine Dozer Workboat


Ultimate maneuverability with unmatched efficiency. This is what defines the Drop Marine Sidewinder. Incorporating many of the proven design features of the Dozer, while adding the capability of an azimuth drive, the Sidewinder can be found hard at work in booming grounds across B.C., the PNW and Alaska. 

Utilizing the same innovative manufacturing and design process as the rest of our vessel lineup, the Sidewinder delivers the value and reliability that Drop Marine stands for. 

Selected as a prime platform for further developing technologies to improve small vessel efficiency and increased return from our power, propulsion, operation and maintenance systems, the Sidewinder is built to deliver.




The most powerful workhorse on the water. Our Dozers are built from the ground up to withstand the most rugged conditions, and our sophisticated manufacturing capabilities offer a wide array of options to suit the needs of your crew – full customization to match the maneuverability of this powerful vessel. 

The innovative manufacturing and design of Dozer, Sidewinder and Super Dozer Vessels bring long lasting reliable solutions to the marine market. The propulsive suite developed by DROP can improve the overall efficiency of a vessel while reducing the operational costs and increasing the stability and consistency of a vessel. 

Our efforts continue in technologies that address the need for more efficient and environmentally sustainable power, propulsion, operation and maintenance systems in the Marine Industry. 



COMING 2021!

Vessel Components

    Vessel Components

DROP's lineup of vessel components stretches from the binnacle to the propeller, bow to stern, and covers everything in between. Our components can be used to upgrade your current vessel or maintain your DROP workboat. Follow the link below to discover everything DROP has to offer in Vessel Componentry.

Kort Nozzles


Bilge systems

Fully compliant wheelhouses and windows

And so much more!

    Return to Port

Patent Pending

Stranded cable ferry?

Passenger safety & recovery concerns?

Public confidence impact?

Emergency transport?

The Return to Port System (RTP) by DROP Marine  is a reliable, environmentally friendly power solution that can be used on any cable ferry to get the ferry back to port in the event of a vessel main system malfunction by a single user in under 2 minutes. 


New or retrofitted with the Return to Port System,  RTP simultaneously mitigates the risk of stranding, saves costs on annual maintenance operations, and provides an innovative environmentally friendly solution for your vessel.

The RTP system uses one cable and, through DROP engineering ingenuity, translates 5 hp into a ferry speed up to 1 knot.

Retun to Port

Traction Winch 

Patent Pending

Interchangeable Bull Wheels and Liners

Static and Dynamic Braking 

Built in Safety and redundent systems

Multiple exchangable liner options

Self aligning and self preload bearings

The heart of your ferry. We spent years collaborating with operators as well as builders and engineers to come up with DROP's Cable ferry traction control system. Our Traction Winch has the highest coefficient of friction, which can be utilized to lower your applied cable tension lowering forces and increasing ferry life and efficiency. 


Our complete traction winch is under 8’ long and 4’ wide/tall allowing the complete unit to be simply lowered in place and put to work in a quick and efficient manner.

With self lubricating systems, the DROP system boasts almost zero maintenance. 

Automatic direct drive motor alignment

Traction Winch
Cable Reel

    Cable Reel

Patent Pending

Under-powered spooling limiting

your reel abilities or/and  time?

Staff manually guiding cable onto spool, posing safety risks?

Multiple reels for different cable

sizes and packages?

Cables at the bottom of the lake or river requiring pickup?

The DROP Cable Reel was designed for the installation of new cables as well as the pickup and re-reel of old used cables. 

Powerful enough to wind the cable in or out on its own, it keeps a proper pitch on the reel which allows the operator to maintain a safe distance as well as an efficient cable roll. While also allowing the pickup of multiple cable sizes without additional parts to change or adjust.

Its green direct drive power source can be independently powered from all types of power sources insuring site flexibility and requirements..

Fairlead System

Fairlead System

Patent Pending

High Friction?

Low cable control?

No built in Safety or Cable Guards?

Maintenance downtime?

High cable and component wear?

DROP Fairleads were developed in collaboration with ferry operators and builders to ensure the best possible cable Fairleads along with multiple options dependent on the situation.

Our Fairleads have the highest amount of cable control available in the industry which translates to improved life of downstream components and decreased wear. Unlike standard Fairleads that sustain ice buildup in the winter, Drop Fairleads are efficient in eliminating ice buildup. Cable angle is also easily controlled. The Fairleads include high load dual roller bearings, an automated lubrication system, and are triple sealing to limit contamination and increase bearing life. They also feature a complete robust design, which allows a fixed shoe and/or roller with complete or restricted rotation about the cable. Our Shoe or Idler wheel can be replaced in under 5 minuets with the cable still in place.

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