Providing Innovative Solutions for the Marine Market




Drop Marine offers  each client an industry leading combination of the best individuals, equipment, processes, facilities, and infrastructure, Specializing in Dozer, Sidewinder, Tug Boat, and Custom Vessel development. 


This extensive background is an integral part of successfully meeting and exceeding complex customer requirements and deliveries.  


Our engineering expertise and state of the art manufacturing capabilities are combined with decades of marine industry experience in vessel construction, component development, refurbishment, installation and general maintenance.

Our multidisciplinary team  offers the expertise to meet the most challenging requirements on the market.




We are passionate about the products and services we offer. This is evident throughout our innovative products, services and the amazing team we have at DROP.


We install and or develop products, construct or refurbish vessels along with providing maintenance services and support while controlling the process start to finish in our state of the art facilities.




Our innovative manufacturing and design of custom Dozer, Sidewinder, Super Dozer, Tug & Work Boats brings long-lasting reliable solutions to the marine market. 


The propulsive suite developed by DROP can improve the overall efficiency of a vessel while reducing the operational costs and increasing the stability and consistency of a vessel.


Our efforts continue to focus on technologies that address the need for more efficient and environmentally sustainable power, propulsion, operation and maintenance systems in the marine industry.



With a team that has decades of marine industry experience and a unique multifaceted approach to manufacturing, our marine team has the proficient understanding, knowledge, and cost-effective approach to construct the most robust and efficient vessels and marine systems on the market.



Our team is made up of experts across multiple disciplines; which, when combined with our wide range of mission critical experience, collectively enables us to creatively approach our customer challenges.


DROP strives to create and encourage a hard-working yet fun-loving environment that truly values the contributions of its TEAM.

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